Based on castor oil, the WorléeBeads HCO are sourced from fully renewable resources and are entirely biodegradable. According to Worlée Cosmetics, there use is safe for humans, animals and the environment. They can therefore can be used in environmental any kind of cosmetic rinse-off.

Indeed, plastic micro particles (100 - 500 μm) used in cosmetic applications have been pointed out for their negative impact on marine eco-systems. Due to their low particle size, plastic micro particles can pass through filter plants and finally end up in great quantities in the oceans and from there to marine life and finally into the human food chain. Worlée Cosmetics also claims that plastic micro particles finding their way to landfill may still be potentially harmful for decades due to the very slow decomposition of plastics.

Smooth surfaces

Based on wax, the WorléeBeads HCO are characterized by a uniformly smooth surface thus resulting in a "scrub that gently protects the skin."

Unlike pumice, silica sand, silica or walnut shells or crushed wood fibres, the WorléeBeads HCO are free from sharp edges that may cause injuries to the upper layer of the skin and skin dermatitis following, particularly in case of frequent use.