Cinqpat’s watchword, "Beauty Applications", is there to remind it: we are pragmatic people and we must remain pragmatic about innovation, “this is especially true as innovation is only really useful when it helps to increase your market shares,” insisted Mathiez.

Flashback on an approach

Jean-Louis Matthiez, Cinqpats

Jean-Louis Matthiez, Cinqpats

The first two years of Cinqpats, to which is associated Jean-Luc Perrier (former Risdon/AMS) have been for the least, tonic, “as one might have imagined them!” Jean-Louis Mathiez insisted. “Fortunately during this period of time, we received valuable support from many players in the world of cosmetics, such as Jacques Gerbron (former Coty/Lancaster).

However, the initial intuition was confirmed quite soon: the need for innovation was there, but mainly for an innovation conceived with product feasibility always in mind. "We don’t sell ideas, we don’t sell products, we just help brands and their suppliers achieve full projects. The feasibility is measured according to such performance criteria as quality, cost, deadlines and intellectual property. Five criteria, like Cinqpats, [1]" emphasised Mathiez.

Medium and large companies will quickly become the core targets of Cinqpats. As he stresses: "The relevant companies are the ones wanting to increase their market share through innovation." These needs do not concern packaging alone, but more product as a whole: "This is why our offer always includes a part on the content, a part on distribution and a part on the product application."

Among our early customers and partners we can name Coty, LVMH, Selva Oekametall, Coslab, EuroCosmeticAsia, E-Scent, Cosnova ...

From mascara and lip gloss to airless

The Cinqpats team which now comprises five people, including Isabelle Maurouard (former Bourjois and Coty), Sophie Robbe (former Coty) and Mark Lebeau (3D designer), has several hobbyhorses like mascara of course, but also airless and soon to come lipstick, not to mention ... bulb atomizers. Jean-Louis Mathiez explained: "It is true that during these early years we have earned our reputation on mascara and airless, but we are also working on other concepts."

New mascara brush "Combrush" for a maximum volume and high separation

New mascara brush "Combrush" for a maximum volume and high separation

On the airless side it may be recalled that Cinqpats offers several innovations based on technological inputs coming from such companies as Gaplast in Germany and Tirrit in China.

The design of the pump itself allows the contained formula to be dispensed with little filler waste: thus, it can suck up high-viscosity formulas or tacky textures, or even reasonably heterogeneous products. The process implemented for the design of the "co-extruded" bottle (patented by Gasplast), keeps the inner pouch attached to the top and bottom of the bottle so that the pouch contracts itself avoiding product blockage. This conception guarantees a evacuation rate close to 100% with constant dosage from beginning to end.

Cinqpats latest innovation to date is on the brink of seeing the light of day: a dual-compartment airless that will deliver high-end toothpaste ... An application hiding in fact many others ... in cosmetics.

As for mascaras, Jean-Louis Mathiez’s position is clear: "the product is featuring a lot too many unnecessary gadgets. In addition, all these vibrating or heating electric motors don’t really seem in line with environmental concepts. On the other hand, it is possible to develop new functionalities, but ... without the help of engines!"

The near future is in red and powdered

Obviously segments concerning lipstick and the distribution of free-powder with bulb atomizers, are of great interest to the market ... and, "of course we are also very interested!" admitted Mathiez.

But the CEO of Cinqpats also said that "regarding lipstick, we are working on a turnkey concept, with the help of Oséo Innovation, which should emerge fairly quickly. As for the bulb atomizer, it is meeting a strong demand on the market which can only but intensify itself in the coming months. It is a vector which was abandoned at the start of the 20th century but it is now resurfacing. Powder can be used to convey a skincare treatment, perfumes ... The trick of course, is to manage to control the spray and the dosage at the same time. But we are working on it!"