Inspired by Givenchy’s haute couture spirit, the Noir Couture mascara line developed by Albéa illustrates the group’s know-how in injection, decoration and assembly.

Noir Couture, the mascara that introduced the range, stands out with its black and silver colors and a sleek style emphasized by the precise alignment of the hot-stamped gloss silver stripes on the intaglio etchings. Another distinguishing feature is the extremely fine hot-stamped “4G” on the cap and “Givenchy” on the bottle.

The second product in the range, Noir Couture Waterproof mascara, uses the codes of Noir Couture but is differentiated by its presentation in an elegant, brilliant white tube decorated with hot-stamped gloss silver stripes with intaglio etching.

Eventually, Noir Couture Volume, the latest addition to the range, is also elegantly decorated with deep black facets, making the pack even more sophisticated. The entire product is protected by a gloss UV varnish. The three-dimensional appearance is obtained directly by in-mold intaglio faceting.

The faceted effect brings out the pack’s refined style and highlights the deep black that the Givenchy brand loves,” says Pauline Uhlen, Mascara Product Manager at Albéa.

Albéa’s Simandre, France unit made all the decorations and custom work for this mascara line. Specializing in injection and metallization, Simandre has special expertise in surface treatments, UV varnishing, screen printing, hot-stamping and laser technology.

The brushes are supplied by Ponzini.