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Aircos introduces its new 2012 Spring/Summer line

The Aircos company has just showcased its 2012 Spring/Summer make-up collection. This collection is hinged on three complementary and original lines, inspired from natural elements. Explanations and an overview of recent investments operated both in people and equipments are given to us by Éric Merville, CEO of the company. To note also an expansion plan in China before the end of 2012.

Premium Beauty News - These three ranges are based on themes like air, earth, fire, light...

Éric Merville - Absolutely! ’Natural Odyssey’ (air and earth), natural, warm and earthy, illustrates a commitment towards simplicity and goes straight to the gist of things. As for airy organic and eco-certifiable textures for eye-shadows and free blushes and the light gloss cream, they must accompany us on our journey to a poetic world.

’Techni-Color’ (fire and light) belongs to the world of light and vibrant colours. Two new ranges of glosses (bottles and jars), filled blushes with a cream-to-powder finish, and a ’Terre de soleil’ (compact powder) with an SPF 15 will enhance your summer make-up!

’Aqua-Morphose’ (water and metal) is inspired by the underwater world. This range unveils on chromatic waves and vibrations, with totally surprising and shifting eyeshadows and gloss textures with stunning special effects. For the eyes, ’Powder & Cream’, an exclusive Aircos texture, an ultra-soft and silky compact powder, enriched with moisturizing pearl powders, comes, on the one hand in six marine eyeshadows, with a wave-like effect, or in duet formats. And six more rounded and innovative polychrome eyeshadows, ’Aqua-Morphose’, imparted with a touch of elegant glitter, were formulated using more than 50% of "magic" nacres: 3 or 4 shades clearly stand out on the eyelid, depending of the light orientation (from a shallow angle or from above) and also depending of the natural roundness of the eyelids. Impossible to visualize on a set picture, only eyelids can speak for themselves!

In addition, we have already finalized our next 2012/13 fall-winter collection, for a world first presentation, at the MakeUp In Paris trade show on 23 and 24 June (at the Carrousel du Louvre).

Premium Beauty News - You have also strengthen your R&D structure as well as your Full Service activity?

Éric Merville - Yes, we have strengthened our R&D department, which will be headed by Nicolas Lieurey, who will control, among others, innovation in the domain of powders, filled products and technical processes using two laboratories (formulation and industrial implementation) with a staff that has actually doubled in two years time.

Throughout its make-up collections (2 per year), Aircos already formulates its powder compacted eyeshadows with 50 to 60% of nacres and non-tacky shiny glosses. A technical innovation is being finalized for a premiere presentation in a few weeks.

Don’t forget that, thanks to our two formulation laboratories and our two specialized sites, we are able to offer comprehensive and specific make-up solutions... From the creation of packs and formulas including the development and production stages, our teams are capable of managing a entire make-up line. This solution, which over-simplifies the whole supply chain, reduces the development time, is surely a cost effective solution with the elimination of all intermediary costs to offer an original and innovative ’made in France’ product. By providing complete products with a reduced carbon footprint (the two plants being located within 50km from one another), we are developing our business following a resolutely eco-friendly approach.

Premium Beauty News - One of your slogans emphasizes on the fact you are a business partner with a strong industrial bias! Can you tell us more?

Éric Merville - Let me give you an overview of what we can offer. In our factory of Romorantin dedicated to make-up, we manufacture and package all kinds of bulks for colour cosmetics (except nail polish). This site which has been granted the following certifications ISO 9001 (2008), cGMP, GMP and OTC (ECOCERT under approval), offers significant production capacities:

- 150 tonnes of powder/year.
- 60 million of compacted cups/year.
- Filling (lipstick): 15 million units/year.
- Hot filling (gloss & mascara): 10 million units/year.
- Packaging in total: approx 75 million units/year.

The industrialization team adapts man-operated flexible lines, but more particularly designs and develops dedicated multi-function, in-house automated lines. Currently, five fully automated lines are running to process simple cups, multi-product cups, with or without accessories, along the various packaging stages, however complex they may be: code marking, batch numbers, labelling, bonding, shrink wrapping (sleeving), cellophane wrapping, filming, etc.

For filled products, we also have several equipments:

- 1 cosmatic machine with flexible moulds (multi-size grapes with or without engraving).
- 1 Weckerle machine (retail format lipstick with a 12 mm mechanism).
- 3 filling rotary lines (cups, small size lipsticks with no mechanism or with a 9 mm mechanism, picking).
- 1 filling line (gloss & mascara).

Finally, we are equipped with a GMP compliant OTC area that can fulfil all customer requirements: from production to final packaging.

This new facility dedicated to make-up products with SPF claims will enable customers to develop, with Aircos, their products to serve U.S., Canadian, Australian or Chinese markets...

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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