The French firm specialized in aluminium processing for the production of closures, caps and/or decorations for high end perfume and cosmetic products will have achieved an excellent 2010 year with a turnover of 17 million euros for a staff of 185.

"And, Marc Pivaudran, Managing Director, was recently explaining that the 2011 year was looking even better." To the extent that the current anodizing workshop would no longer suffice in a near future. "A real bottleneck-to-be!" people tend to say at Pivaudran. Hence the decision to invest in a second line that will be commissioned early 2013.

The recent launches to which the Souillac-based firm participated include the particularly original and sophisticated decoration of Voyage d’Hermès in the form of a stirrup inside which rotates the glass bottle. To note also the stopper weighted with shiny black anodized aluminium which was designed for "Bleu de Chanel", a cap which as the particularity of returning to its exact original position thanks to a series of magnets fitted both in the collar and the cap.

Finally the company has also designed part of Clarins new make-up case working on the anodized aluminium plate that covers the case.