A rechargeable range

To condition its skincare in airless rechargeable bottles, the English brand demanded nothing less than excellence.

The range’s packaging called for a number of complex production phases as well as specific expertise—no moulds here! In order to obtain a heavy piece with sharply defined angles, the PMMA airless case was created. One by one, each piece was machine cut and polished until a perfect crystal effect was obtained.

The cavity in which the airless was slipped was made with the same process; the panel was then lacquered in matte black.

On the bottle’s edge, the brand name was finely laser-engraved then lacquered.

The machine-cut PMMA black cap houses an interior PP cover.

The same solutions were needed for the refills. Thanks to a thin steel plate at the base of the airless and magnets at the base of the case it gently locks into place. With its hot-stamp decorated black lacquer soft-touch finish, the airless blends tactile sensuality and impeccable aesthetics, adding value to the functional aspect and transforming the refill into chic on-the-go packaging.

The result is a luxurious whole, with an elegant design that plays on the contrast between the transparent airless case and the velvety opacity of the refill.

This remarkable feat is the fruit of Cosfibel’s expertise and its primary packaging subsidiary Primapack, which coordinated the various production stages in Korea, Taiwan and China.

Secondary packaging doesn’t fade away

The facial creams and serums for face, hands and hair from Carol Joy’s IV Ever Complex range are made in Switzerland based on a complex of diamond powder, golden millet oil and hibiscus flower.

To present this prestigious line, the brand chose a collection of book-coffrets. A black board coffret encloses a luxurious coffret, also with sharp angles, covered by a sheaf of white paper that opens up like a book to reveal its precious contents. The products come with Carol Joy’s beauty guide, a miniature book in 11 languages, the main thread of the range, printed by Mandalay Design, which also managed the production of the coffret.

Carol Joy cosmetics are sold exclusively in London (Carol Joy Hair Salon & Spa, Chelsea, The Dorchester Hotel Spa), in Monaco (Hôtel Fairmont, Margy’s Monte Carlo at the Métropole) and in Zurich, Swizterland.

Creation and design: ANNA&FRED