Indeed, it is a magnet case, equipped with a hinged pivot that allows the cover to turn 360° over the base, thus revealing a 2.4-inch LCD screen discretely nestled inside the top.

On one side of the case a tiny USB plug allows images to be perpetually renewed on the screen.

With an internal memory of 290 Ko, up to 20 images can scroll across the screen.

The screen is covered with an acrylic mirror plaque: once the screen is lit, the mirror plaque scrolls the images. When the screen is shut off, it can be used as a mirror to apply one’s favorite eye shadow or lip gloss.

So why not combine pleasure and utility with a make-up lesson in pictures?

Once the formulas are in the case with the right brushes and applicators, the make-up lesson can teach consumers how to apply dark eye shadow at the base of the lashes, the medium-shade at the eyelid’s midway point, and the lightest shade under the brow to get a glamorous look...

Or why not use this visual aid to show off the other items in the same make-up range?

There are myriad ways using this bridge between beauty and technology.