The 2011 edition of Beyond Beauty Paris, which was held from September 12 to 14, brought together 450 exhibitors. The organisers announced an increase of 14% of visitors to 22,230 over 3 days, including 37% international from 90 countries, mainly Germany, Italy, United Kingdom but also Iran, Liban, Russia, and a great noticable Asian presence from China, Japan and South Corea.

Beyond Beauty Paris features three components: Cosmeeting, the event focusing on cosmetic brands, Creative, which gathers suppliers, and European Spa, renamed Spameeting, for the spa and salons sectors.

Emerging brands

This year again, the Zoom area and its 40 exhibiting young brands was an important focal point, despite a lower rate of innovation compared to previous years.

Beauty Challengers Awards 2011

The Beauty Challengers Awards have highlighted several of them:

 “Coup de coeur de la presse”, for Too Fruit, a brand aimed at the 6-12 years of age,
 “Beauty blog favourite”, for Less is More, a range of organic hair,
 “Innovation Awards” granted by the Beauty Alliance, the first German selective distribution network, for three brands: Patyka, Sampar and Laboratoires Filorga,
 “Beauty Organic Award,” for Alorée and its Chlorocosmétic® concept,
 “Beauty Pharma Award” for the Fleurs de Bach, the brand well known for its elixirs,
 “Coup de coeur du jury”, again to the Fleurs de Bach,
 “Prix de la marque de niche”, for the brand of high en hygiene products, Le Bain Collection,
 “Prix de la marque émergente”, for Solyvia, an emerging brand of roll-ons against small daily troubles and based on the Corsican pharmacopoeia.

Conferences and masterclasses

Beyond Beauty Paris featured also two trend laboratories, several conference cycles and master classes, with more than 50 speakers.

In particular, twelve conferences dedicated to the latest trends identified by the main style offices (Peclers, Carlin International, Nelly Rodi, Inspiration & Design,...) were fully booked.

Within the Creative section, the BBLab, the area dedicated to analysing trends focused on Sustainable Development, Ethics and what’s “Behind the Green”.

This year, Solabia highlighted its expertise in biotechnology, Greentech its natural and organic cosmetic oils, Natur’alps its comprehensive work on organic and coloured formulations of the future, Stearinerie Dubois the possibility to «go green» without plants. Minasolve and the Institute of Monoi were also present.

Future steps?

However, several suppliers in the Creative area questioned the broad-scope positioning of the show, combining packaging manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, brands and suppliers of beauty salons or spas.

What was once seen as an asset of the Paris event, which was aiming at gathering much of the beauty industry, now seems to undermine its coherence and ultimately limit the presentation of new products, reserved for more focused events.

Some issues that the Informa group, the new owner of the event, will have to tackle.