Dr. Pierre Ricaud, a brand of the Yves Rocher group specialised in anti-aging cosmetics, has chosen the Italian company Lumson for the primary packaging and custom decorations of its new skincare Essence de Beauté Sublime Élixir.

Dr. Pierre Ricaud, has chosen to launch this new cometic serum in a 50 ml glass bottle from the Collezione Silouhette, a standard cosmetic packaging line entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Lumson. The bottle is enriched by decorations entirely manufactured by Lumson: 2 passages of hot stamping, one glossy silver and one matt gold, and a silver spray colouring on the bottom of the bottle.

The 360 degrees white screen printing on the side of a silver metallized pump, enhances the Dr. Pierre Ricaud logo with a shiny silver metallized over cap.

Sublime Élixir is formulated from SubliThymuline, an active ingredient that is renowned to stimulate the entire skin regeneration system, and also proposes a specific texture offering a “light effect” illuminating the skin from the first application. Sublime Elixir will be marketed throughout all Dr. Pierre Ricaud Salons, on the web, and by Direct Marketing Actions.