During the first semester of this year, Bormioli Rocco Plastics has produced nearly 500,000 PET recycled bottles for a brand of shampoo. The Italian designer of plastic bottles and caps is also investing in the development of bioplastic materials, in particular in bio-based PE and PP.

According to William Hitchon, Bormioli Plastics’ cosmetics sales manager “in the future, brands claiming a natural positioning for their formulas will have to think using innovative packaging derived from agriculture, in particular as a significant production capacity of non GMO materials will be available by 2010. Provided that marketing departments make some concessions regarding aesthetic related concerns”.

William Hitchon, Bormioli Plastics' cosmetics sales manager

William Hitchon, Bormioli Plastics’ cosmetics sales manager

Regarding the current crisis, “the dermo-cosmetic segment is more resilient to the consumption crisis, explains William Hitchon because it suits in a better way the needs for well-being and health than selective beauty does. Nonetheless our turnover should shrink back a little in 2010 but the loss will be stronger in the prestige segment. We are holding back our investments until we see clear signs of a market rebound. Marketing teams are working on the simplification of sizes. This is why you see more studies on standardisation and harmonisation, than a year ago”.

Last year in France, the main industrial investment of Bormioli Rocco Plastics concerned an extrusion blow line with a 4 colours integrated serigraphy.