In partnership with Akzo Nobel and Barlog Plastics, Solev is launching Magnetys, a new decoration solution with a 3D effect.

With this technology, a decor with depth comparable to that of a hologram can be produced on all or part of the surface of plastic objects, such as covers, hoods, cases, bottle packaging…

According to Solev, Magnetys combines several innovations :

- a special plastic, supplied by Barlog Plastics which, when moulded, can contain a residual magnetic field
- a magnetic field "printed" by Solev, which can take on the desired graphic form in the heart of the moulded part
- an Akzo Nobel varnish sensitive to the magnetic field applied by Solev in line with another varnish of perfumery quality, for depth and resistance.

As a result, the decor appears spontaneously in 3D on the part when it is varnished, it "integrates" into the controlled layers of varnish. It can be coloured…

This technology has been designed and implemented with exclusive industrial machines that were already available, for large-scale production runs at controlled costs,” says Solev.