We will very quickly obliterate 2009 even if in the end concerning Intercos, we don’t have much to complain about. Our global strategy for a presence in Europe, the United States and Asia has paid off. There is a possibility for some thirty groups operating in the Beauty sector to become one day or the other one of our customers. We already supply twenty six of them. And this is no coincidence. We bring them, innovation, mastery and powerful production output, a priceless presence on their main fields of operation worldwide. And I can already tell you that fairly quickly, we will surely be industrially operating in Brazil," says Dario Ferrari, Intercos’ CEO.

"As for 2010", he underlines, "we are certainly not expecting any miracles. It will just be an average year for our profession".

Formulation leadership

According to Dario Ferrari it’s a perfect time to keep up with standards and the new showroom set up, like every year by the teams at the headquarters of Intercos in Agrate Brianza, near Milan, is an perfect illustration. " Our core business", Dario Ferrari insists, "is and will always be research, development and production of innovative, surprising and original formulas, with in particular many special effects. This is what we are emphasizing on this year. Regarding packaging, we present solutions to our customers and it is up to them to decide ".

The tone is set upon entry of the showroom! A huge fresco made of dozens of empty tumblers adorns the first welcome sign, followed a few yards further by another panel studded with clear plastic bags filled with colored powders ... A good way of reminding people who might have forgotten it that Intercos is first and foremost a fantastic machine to design formulas for make-up and skincare. And the visit we are about to begin, through a wonderful maze at the very heart of the fantastic world of color, touch and beauty, will leave us, strictly speaking, "speechless"!

"We have established projections for 2011-2012", explains Arabella Ferrari, Marketing Director Business Unit Colour "based on current market and consumer trends to give women today, what they desire for tomorrow. And we propose that for women all over the world. It’s a true technological revolution based on real scientific breakthroughs that must provoke new emotion, enticing the senses and visibly enhancing skin surfaces, the whole with levels of performance never-reached before and in an unequalled world of light and colour".

Collections of the future

- First collection showcased at Intercos’ premises in Milano: Skin Awakening . A highly efficient collection designed to wake up face, eyes and lips. The goal is to give the skin a new appearance through light. Actually, light reacts with skin to reshape it and give it new energy. Of course, all formulas offer added benefits like hydration, protection, coverage and care to suit your every need.

- The second collection is named Skin Rescue. Its purpose: to take the stress out of make up with breakthrough colour infused with good for you corrective and treatment ingredients. All formulas offer added benefits like protection and coverage to suit your every need.

- Third collection, 24/7 Color features a long lasting make-up to wear all the day, and into the next: long lasting, transfer proof, colours look fresh and true for 24 hours and can be easily removed. Colours won’t fade or set into fine lines, keeping a just applied finish at all times.

"Furthermore", continues Arabella Ferrari "the design and performance of each product has been subject to a 360 degrees evaluation. This universal search for beauty has resulted in the most diverse cosmetic range ever designed. Products’ characteristics in colour and performance meet the requests of each geographical market. We have categorized formulas according to the major regions, ensuring ease in selecting and identifying the perfect product for the target consumer".

Formulas for Europe

Thus, for the European market, teams at Intercos worked on a large variety of concepts for the face:

- the Ideal Skin concept for an impeccable finish and an extended comfort
-  Bronzing Dream to dream of the sun all year round, with a healthy sun-kissed and polished complexion.
-  Naked Perfection , best breathable formulas ensuring imperceptible and weightless colour for flawless, perfected results.
-  Virtual Definition to obtain a radiant, satin-luminous and ultra smooth skin.

For lips, Intercos proposes:

-  Coderouge , for a flawless lip definition, long lasting comfort and and a imperceptible lip colour that stays luminous over time. “Classics have never been so strong," explains Arabella Ferrari about this segment
-  Lip Renew , a moisturizing formula combining care, colour, beauty and sophistication
-  Live Shine a translucent colour and pure shine offering long lasting comfort and reflective finishes.

For eyes: Lash Protagonist , for longer, fuller lashes, twisted and intense, color fantasy, a graphic, sophisticated and elegant line, and Eye Pearls , a vast interpretation of light with the twinkling reflections and metallic effects.

For North America and for Asia

Thus Intercos adapted its ranges to different regions, with for exemple, for the the face of North American a Virtual Skin for an advanced flawless finish and undetectable, skin refining light effect. And for the lips, Rouge Warrior for brilliant and true colour shades hour after hour.

For Asian faces, Intercos proposes Angel Skin , with a strong care attributes (pure whitening and elevated sun protection), for a flawless, lightened and brighter skin, etc.

"Quite obviously", insists Arabella Ferrari, "we are driven by our belief and commitment in safe and sustainable products. We make it our priority to provide products that respect the skin, which are free of irritants, parabens, and any agents that may harm environment. In this way Intercos stays in line with current and future market and consumer trends while providing the highest quality, avant garde cosmetics."