Premium Beauty News - Finally your cosmetic branch came out pretty much unscathed from the 2009 year, so gloomy for the global economy!

Stefano Castelletti - Yes, indeed! But it has little to do with chance. It is also the result of a thorough work, which was carried out industrially by automating at the most, by increasing the efficiency and the effectiveness of our processes This obviously makes us much stronger now that demand is skyrocketing.

Premium Beauty News - Recovery is not the only cause for the strong growth you will be recording in 2010!

Stefano Castelletti - No! There are three main reasons for this increase. Growth of course which is the consequence of larger orders coming in from our customers reflected from the restocking from trade, but there is also a strong demand for our new products such as Pure Liptint and Tint’ n’ Gloss which encountered quite a lot of success with current customers but also new ones. And that’s in fact the third reason for our growth, the arrival of new customers.

Premium Beauty News - What are these new customers attracted by?

Stefano Castelletti - Clearly by our innovations and marketing concepts, in particular also with the lead we took three years ago in the development of products in line with new environmental concerns. With Truly Natural we were the first ones to offer a range of Ecocert certified products in 2008. We already had been granted the FSC certification and the German BDIH certification. And now we also offer NaTrue compliant formulas. In 2010 we presented an Organic Nail Care concept also in compliance with Ecocert and BDIH.

And we will be continuing our efforts with Earthbound the new Ecocert organic concept for eyes and lips, formulated with a gentle and natural ingredient that is grown exclusively from organic sources and harvested in accordance with the supplier environmental and fair trade charter.

This is in line with our philosophy, principles and responsibilities since sustainability, fair trade, people and environment are part of Faber-Castell’s core values.

Premium Beauty News -But this is only one part of your strategy?

Stefano Castelletti - Yes, only a very small part. We are placing great value in the multi-functionality of our products, but also on the "long lastingness" aspect of our formulas. This aspect is still a strong trend on the market.

But we are also trying to find new ways of extending our pencils applications to other uses in the world of make-up.

Wooden pencils are not left behind, on the contrary. They are receiving a great deal of attention especially in terms of new decorating techniques like the innovative 3-D graphics with elevated touch. In this regard we will soon offer a technology that we’re in the process of acquiring and which will make it possible to propose a customised decoration for almost every pencil.

Premium Beauty News - On the subject of your latest marketing initiatives, you have just signed an representation agreement for your products in Italy with Ancorotti Cosmetics.

Stefano Castelletti - That’s right! I am proud to announce this new milestone for Faber-Castell Cosmetics. This strategic partnership is an ideal combination for both of us, made of expertise and creativity and allowing us, we are convinced, to develop and offer innovative and attractive products.

Premium Beauty News - Should you produce more in your existing plants or consider new industrial facilities in other theatres of operation?

Stefano Castelletti - That is indeed a topical question, and a question which needs to be thoroughly considered too! It is obvious that we adapt ourselves and that we will adjust our production capacity to market growth. As a family-owned company with a long tradition we believe in long term business development and partnership with our customers.