After its first edition just one year ago, Esxence, the event dedicated to artistic perfumery, is making a reappearance in Milan (Italy) from 25 to 28 March 2010, at the Palazzo della Permanente (via Turati 34) which, since 1884, has been one of the most prestigious locations for art exhibitions in the Lombardy’s capital.

After its unexpected and extremely positive debut last year, Esxence takes on an international flavour, welcoming 133 brands (compared to 86 in 2009).

Esxence 2009

Return to the basics of luxury

The application of each participant has been closely examined by a panel of European distributors and retailers, with the aim to admit only the brands that are consistent with the event’s focus on artistic perfumery. The selection process included a “qualitative-artistic analysis” based on the image and the philosophy of the brand, and its “aesthetic-stylistic coherence”, as well as an analysis of the brands’ distribution profile with criteria such as “quality and selectivity” and a “market share that must not exceed 0.2%".

According to the organisers, artistic perfumery could be defined as a business which mixes “artistic and craftsman like contents” with “the highest levels of professionalism, quality and personality”.

Actually, this conception is a kind of return to the basics of luxury, in the same way as the slow-food concept is not only a reaction to the fast-junk-food business but also a consistent and holistic theory of what makes life good. “Artistic perfumery is a way of thinking, creating and bringing to life products with a slow philosophy that penetrates the final consumer, who is led to absorb not the product tout-court but, first of all, a concept, a creative desire made to last and not subject to trends and hit and runs,” the organisers confirm.

Professionals and consumers

Esxence aims to become a unique opportunity for insiders of the artistic perfumery sector, including brand owners [1], designers, distributors and retailers, to meet each-others. The event aims at creating opportunities for reflection and the creation of new ideas.

Experts, such as Michael Edwards, author of Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances, a cult book that narrates the story of the greatest fragrances, and Maurice Maurin, perfumer, creator of great masterworks and author of La Sagesse du Créateur de Parfum, will also contribute to the event’s programme.

Among the innovations in this 2010 edition will also be the presence of the persons behind websites and blogs, all accredited and recognised in the world of artistic perfumery - such as the American contributor, Sniffapalooza, or the Anglo-German, Basenotes, the Italian blog Bergamotto&Benzoino and the web-site, - who also contributed the organisation of the event.

Esxence will see the participation of the Osmothèque, the World Conservatory of historical fragrances located in Versailles, France.

Well aware that the final consumers play a fundamental role in the development and awareness of niche perfumery”, the organizers of Esxence will also welcome certain connoisseurs by invitation on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 March, 2010. The public will be able to further its knowledge of the brands on display or make new olfactory acquaintances through the presence of the Osmothèque and workshops to discover essences from different continents, organised by Mouillettes & Co., experts in the sector.


Location: Central Milan (Italy) - Palazzo La Palazzo - Via Turati, 34 - Dates: 25-28 March 2010 (25-26 March – entry for sector insiders only, 27-28 March – entry for sector insiders and members of the public with an invitation) - Opening hours: from 10.30 am to 6 pm - Total number of brands present: 133