Premium Beauty News - What is the outcome of your participation in Cosmoprof this year?

Denis Richard-Orliange - The number of people who visited the 2009 edition of Cosmoprof positively surprised us. In the current economic context, where everybody was expecting a dramatic decrease in the number of visitors, we noticed that less representatives of the major French brands were present while other European brands were massively present. However, there were hardly any US brands visiting the show.

Cosmogen’s obvious positioning as an innovative company helped us to attract a large numbr of customers to our stand for an update on our latest packaging innovations. These new products will boost our customers’ sales in 2010 and 2011 through an efficient technology and an increased differentiation.

Squeeze'N Tint

Squeeze’N Tint

Premium Beauty News - What is the edge of the offer you showcased this year?

Denis Richard-Orliange - We launched two kinds of new products:

- An extension of our range of tubes with integrated applicators. The offer has been extended to stainless roller applicators, silicone rollers, and spatulas, and massage heads for increasing the efficiency of formulations. We also launched new sizes, with the “mini Squeeze”, which is adapted for contents from 5 to 20 ml.

- The launch of our second dispensing system for fluid formulations, the Pump’N Tint, an airless system featuring a 20 ml piston, a cosmetic pump and a wide brush, and being entirely refillable. The range will also be available with the wide range of applicators proposed for the Squeeze’N Tint range.

Actually, the trend is clearly towards an increased customisation of applicators in order to make them fit with the formulations.

Premium Beauty News - What are the key products for your development this year?

Denis Richard-Orliange - Our development in 2009 and 2010 will remain focused on dispensing systems combining packaging and applicator for all types of make-up and skincare formulations.