Mastering sampling

Stanisla Peronnet, Cosfibel

To reinforce its expertise and accelerate its developments in boxes (cardboard, leather, MDF, metal ...) and luggage, Cosfibel has incorporated the teams and the suppliers network of a Chinese company. This way, the Group strengthens its human skills and owns locally, two strategic industrial tools: two sample rooms (sampling workshops), one dedicated to boxes in Shenzhen and the other one to luggage in Dungun.

Main advantage according to Cosfibel: monitoring the sampling process which influences at the same time, control of industrial development and of costs. “The key factor for success in promotional items is,with the price, appropriate sampling in record time, a proof that manufacturing is controlled, with the expected price and quality. When we are capable of developing the samples, this means that all stages in the development process are validated,” explains Stanislas Peronnet, Director of Operations for Cosfibel group.

According to the group, design and validation of the industrialization of its products guarantee the development of complex studies with very high quality requirements.

Cosfibel in Southern China, it’s a total staff of 25 employees in charge of development and quality control.

A diversified sourcing

Even if China, the historical partner of the group, remains its largest supplier, Cosfibel is continually identifying new sources, in particular for both proximity reasons, both for the sake of flexibility, sustainability and to reduce products’ carbon footprint.

In North African countries, Cosfibel has already established partnerships for boxes and cases in Morocco and Algeria. The group has passed a new milestone by signing a partnership with two plants (metal parts) in Tunisia. In Europe, the group has developed textile business with Turkey and is exploring new avenues in Romania.

Another example, Cosfibel UK, the English subsidiary has undertaken locally the production of boxes on behalf of a client, Beverage, and thus has provided the fastest and most appropriate solution to meet the customer’s request.

As for Cosfibel US, the subsidiary works with cardboard makers in Mexico.