Jérôme Boumnso, Pumpart System

Jérôme Boumnso, Pumpart System

Almost complete release

This patented airless tube developed in 2007 by the young French firm Pumpart System, is undeniably, a clever system! “The initial idea is in fact quite simple, explains its inventor Jérôme Boumnso. As often in such case, someone just had to think of it!” The tube comprises the tube itself, which can be purchased from any supplier, a tube in which engineers at Pumpart System from their factory in Limoges, "placed" an inserted inner pouch. When the tube is pressed, the inner pouch containing the product is crushed at the same time and when pressure is released a vent hole lets the air enter between the tube and the pouch, which not only allows the tube to take its original shape but also fills in the volume, which was partly cleared, between the pouch and the tube. A second pressure on the tube and the pouch is a little more compressed under the combined effect of the pressure and of the air, which has been introduced between the pouch and the wall of the tube... “Until full retraction, in a ball shape, of the pouch,” underlines Jérôme Boumnso. “This retraction allows us to obtain an almost complete product release (98%), by far the largest evacuation rate on the market of airless containers!

Actually, explains Jérôme Boumnso, it’s the pressure on the tube that releases the product. There is no need for any specific mechanical system. I suppose it could also work with a single outlet valve.” As a result, 25% to 65% less plastic and, consequently, a cost of about 30% lower than that of a conventional airless system.

Three years of development

The challenge for Pumpart System, together with the Sothys Group, was to design a small volume container of 10 ml.

The system appeared to be sufficiently innovative and promising, for our group to want to invest time and expertise,” explains Jean-Claude Ducruezet, Industrial Director at Sothys. “Our teams have worked for several months in close collaboration with those of Pumpart System to manage to develop this new 10 ml airless tube. And we’re all quite proud of the result.

A "plus" in the now well-tested range (up to 200 ml) of the young French start-up which is beginning in 2010, to reap the fruits of these last three years development efforts. “Of course the trend on organic products is helping us a lot,” explains Jérôme Boumnso. “Because our Tubairless meets the exact specifications for this kind of product. No pump, less plastic, 100% recyclable, Ecocert and Cosmebio compliant, providing an excellent protection to sensitive formulas, an almost complete restitution, lighter, easily transportable, usable in all positions and ultimately, an eloquent C02 balance!” The Mass is ended!