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MWV doubles its Melodie pump production capacity!

To handle growing demand as well as the increase of its own market shares, MWV, the group of American origin specialized, among others things, in the manufacture of pumps for perfume and cosmetic markets, has announced the doubling, in its Barcelona plant, of the production capacity for its model, the Melody pump, intended for selective perfumery. An announcement made a few weeks after the launch of a new pump intended this time for the cosmetic sector, the model Adagio All plastic, which no longer has any metal parts, thanks to the know-how acquired by the group with its own original airless system.

Laurent Bourgoin, MWV

Laurent Bourgoin, MWV

Year after year, month after month... the MWV group is slowly gaining some market shares in this highly competitive sector of spray and distribution systems for fragrances and cosmetics.

"A long-time recognized global leader for the production of trigger sprayers by the Home & Garden division and in the production of pumps for the pharmaceutical sector," explains Laurent Bourgoin, Sales & Marketing Director Europe, "we still had to earn our stripes in other market niches." A long-winded process undertaken since several years, which is now bearing fruit. "We are clearly now on an equal footing for selective perfumery with the global market leader and we are one of the top three global producers of lotion pumps."

Melodie pump

Melodie pump

For perfumery, the doubling of the production of the Melodie pump is a proof of this.

"Its main assets", stresses Laurent Bourgoin, "are, its reduced size, one of the smallest on the market, its NoC patented invisible dip tube, its excellent pre-compression rate and a particularly effective spray angle. Clik IP, its injected plastic model offers in addition decoration possibilities like sublimation, among many others course, and last but not least a worldwide production, allowing us to support the growth of our key customers in emerging markets."

A pump model complementing a range including such models as, Orchestra made in Italy, Maestro, which fits perfectly in the trend of spray-caps, and Sinfonia an extremely versatile, and now solvent resistant pump.

"Adagio All Plastic"

Second important news for MWV at the termination of this year, the marketing of its new Adagio All Plastic model.

Adagio airless pump

Adagio airless pump

"A real revolution", emphasises Bourgoin, "since this model manufactured in our Milan factory, no longer has, as its name suggests, any metal components thanks to the addition of a valve. Not only does it make recycling easier, but in addition, it is now available in three different outputs of up to 300 microliters. A pump manufactured using the airless membrane technology, built around the so-called ‘Rolling Bellow’ system combining several functions with just one component thanks to its unique design. This ‘Pure Path’ concept placing the metal spring outside of the fluid path helps avoid compatibility issues experienced with some creams and serums."

Airless, a market, where the group is continuing to play its cards right with the originality of this system. "The investment pace in this domain in terms of production capacity remains just as strong for us," points out Bourgoin, "which has been the case in our Barcelona factory. But this is not so much to produce even more airless containers than to offer the market new design possibilities for actuators (i.e. the Pearl and Pearl Mini line) and decoration options with the clearly stated objective to position ourselves also on the selective market".

Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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