Unexpected success?

Prior to the show, crisis related issues, of course, were on all lips. Booth cancellations from some of the big market players were no help in order to restore confidence among the other members of the sector. On top of it, other factors intervened: on the opening day, not only the weather was dreadful, but in addition, half of the flights coming from Paris were canceled due to a strike by ground staff at Paris’ Orly airport.

But no matter what, the 2009 edition of Luxe Pack Monaco was eventually, in the opinion of a majority of exhibitors we met, a good year ..., a very good year even. "All the key players in the market showed up". Or... "We were surprised by the quality of visitors and by the high level of demand".

Hence, newly available stands, quickly found takers from companies on the organizers’ waiting list.

When a good idea turns into a saga

In over twenty years, this show has definitely anchored itself in the global landscape of luxury products suppliers. And the two other Luxe Pack taking place in New York and Shanghai, only confirm the relevancy of this concept.

And yet it was nowhere near winning in 1988, reads the book published to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the show in 1998 (a collector’s item in the hands of a privileged few!).

One understands that at the time, many heavyweights in the industry were turning their nose up to join this new concept. But one also learns that the first forty few exhibitors from the outset (many companies from Oyonnax, but also international firms) believed strongly in Luxe Pack Monaco and as they literally appropriated the concept, thus contributed greatly to the success of the event.

By the end of the first edition (which recorded 400 visitors!), Everyone had the feeling that the idea would make some progress. And indeed it did, much faster than what the creators had imagined. The following year, the number of exhibitors rose to sixty and the number of visitors doubled. In 1990, it was a sure thing.

And all this happening...under a tent! Believe it or not, for over ten years Luxe Pack was held underneath a tent set up near the Heliport, the very same one used to host the annual International Circus Festival! Pioneers recall heat, water ingress during storms, early chilly winters. “But what an atmosphere!” recall with nostalgia exhibitors and visitors from the outset. A true family..., happy to gather again, every year, in a particularly friendly and warm atmosphere.

Today Luxe Pack Monaco has obviously improved itself. But one feels that this event was tailor-made to fit in naturally into this puzzling yet, beautiful building of the Grimaldi Forum.

2009: an edition resilient to crisis!

The 2009 edition which recently closed its doors was a true surprise for many people. Activity was intense in the aisles and on the stands ... And among exhibitors, a true commitment for innovation seemed to be the appropriate answer to crisis.

Strange atmosphere, where some branches of the sector still have their activity in hot water (sometimes very hot), showing falls in activity from 30% to 50%, while others nevertheless, flirt, with +15%. Strange atmosphere where those who had decided not to exhibit were quickly replaced by those who where dreaming of nothing else. Strange atmosphere where, despite inquiries on a high (not orders), almost all professionals where being pessimistic for the coming months.

A show being at the crossroads? Surely. Where “nothing will ever be the same again” was on everyone’s lips. But where the question “how will it then be?” encounter quite different answers, if any!

In any case, you can be sure of one thing: targeted events have good days ahead.