Italian packaging manufacturer and supplier Lumson recently joined the Airless Pack Association, an organization that gathers some of the best airless manufacturing companies on the market such as: Rexam, Magaplast, Quadpack, Lablabo and now Lumson.

TheAirless Pack Association’s mission is to promote an airless packaging systems towards brand owners and the final consumers.

The Association is developing a logo to identify airless packaging manufactured by the associated companies. The logo will guarantee clients and final consumers about the quality and the airless performances of the packaging they are buying.

Airless dispensers manufactured by members of the Airless Pack Association must comply with the following requirements:

- to preserve the product’s integrity
- to preserve the product’s from external germs and allergens
- to protect the product’s oxidation
- to extend the product’s shelf-life while reducing the use of preservatives
- to preserve the product’s qualities
- to allow the use of more natural ingredients in the cosmetic formula
- to guarantee an almost full dispensing to avoid waste
- to dispense a precise dose
- to be easy to use
- to be totally gas-free

Lumson’s TAG-System, an innovative airless system with a glass bottle, complies with all the technical, functional and quality criteria required by the Airless Pack Association, the company claims.