Addressing the same trend than “natural”, “ecological” or “organic” cosmetics but with different solutions, Khiel’s Aloe Vera 100% Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser is a new kind of green cosmetic. Not less serious than the others, since it has been certified by an independent third party.

Actually, the “C2C” certification, which stands for “Cradle to cradle”, based on a private certification program managed by process and product design firm MBDC. The certification focuses on: the ecological design of products and processes, the choice of chemicals, materials, and processes minimizing health and environmental impacts and allowing perpetual recyclability. “The first time ever that a manufacturer of beauty care products get this certification” says Patrick Kullenberg, General manager at Kiehl’s.

The product’s formula is made of 100% “eco friendly and biodegradable ingredients”; Biodegradability being precisely defined and restricted to a period not exceeding 28 days underground. Some ingredients are of botanical origin (aloe, coconuts and glycerin), and the products is guaranteed paraben-free. The container complies with the same eco-design rules and does not contain any PVC. However, this products design is far from the “all botanicals”, or from the “all organic” philosophy of some manufacturers. Khiel’s Aloe Vera 100% Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser is based on the principles of “sustainable chemistry” (also referred as "green chemistry"), which seeks to reduce and prevent pollution at its source by using adapted ingredients and clean manufacturing processes.

Beyond environmental concerns, Khiel’s Aloe Vera 100% Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser is also a socially responsible product, as 100% of the net profits made by through its sales will be donated to the Jolie Pitt Foundation Eco System, the charity founded by movie stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, in order to conduct helpful initiatives such as “Make It Right”, a program that funds the building of fair priced sustainable houses for victims of Katrina in New Orleans.