In the business of luxury, innovation, audacity and durability rule,” Mathieu Pivaudran, Solev’s General director explains. “These values sound perfectly match with our own ethics and strategy. That’s our culture.

The French company, specialised in finishing techniques, is implementing and illustrating this particular attention to “innovation” and “audacity” through its latest launches. Among the most recent illustrations: John Galliano’s new fragrance, No 1, on which Solev’s team applied its so-called MSD technology, for Selective Graded Metallisation: a technology allowing to position metallic spots on glass surfaces for a better control of the gradation between glass transparency and metallic reflections.

Another wondering illustration: Burberry’s famous tartan, which was reproduced on the glass bottle using aluminium metallization. A world’s premiere using laser technology that produces a delicate lace allowing the light to play with the perfume’s golden colouring.