Goutte the new cosmetic line from SGD

Launched during the Cosmopack show in Bologna, SGD’s new beauty line was created by designer Valérie Bernard. The line, composed of five references (including two bottles of 30 and 50ml and three jars of 15, 50 and 200ml) offer pure, round-shaped lines compared with moderate glass weight.

The range was elaborated to meet market’s current expectations: wider openings making it easier to collect product, rings designed for a wide range of pumps and caps and very large areas for decoration...The bottles are perfectly adapted for foundations or face care,” explains SGD in a release.

On the strong growing «Care» segment, SGD enhances its offer with a new line, just a few afterthe launch of « Gaïa », the eco-designed line, inspired from nature (with six references Perfumes and Cosmetics).

New fashionable standards

But the new range that SGD is displaying in its catalogue «La Collection SGD» goes well beyond the rigid codes of cosmetics.

For instance, to coop with the mainstream trend for authenticity and well-being, SGD has widen its standard offer to three new segments: House Hold, Aromatherapy and Hair Care.

Two new types of range positioning are found in the catalogue:

- Prestige: pure shaped lines, in the current mood of the market for heavy bottles.
- Classique: with shapes of unquestionable everlasting success.