Building on its success in Latin America, where it took up the challenge and attract many males, Natura will launch Homem, a complete line of skin care products for men on the French market, the only where the brand is represented in Europe.

Above all, this short line is intended to be practical. It features five multifunctional products for the skin and the hair: a refreshing gel, a face and body cleanser, a refreshing shampoo and three basics for the shaving and after shaving (shaving gel foam, shaving cream, aftershave gel).

Just like all Natura products, the Homem line is rich in ingredients from the Brazilian biodiversity, and features soft textures and fragrances that are like sensual and invigorating dives in the well-being, bem estar bem in Brazilian. Among the botanical ingredients in which the Homem line draws its benefits: the cupuaçu betain, and essential oils of candeia, mint, sage ... The Homem aftershave gel, for example, contains 74.4% ingredients of renewable botanical origin.

Homem, shampoo

Homem, shampoo

As for the packaging, it is meant to be both sober and practical while remaining faithful to Natura values by being recycled.

The Homem line will be available in France from September 7, and be promoted and sold by the 18,000 Natura beauty consultants and at the Maison de Natura Brasil, in Paris. It may be surprising to sell a men’s line through a network of women consultants. At Natura, they concede that “It is not necessarily an asset, even if the advisors say they need this range that will probably be offered to men.” Anyway, Natura now seeks to recruit male consultants. The brand also formed a partnership with the Comptoir de l’Homme, so that the line will be available for 6 months in their shop in the Rue de Tournon.