Sandra Maguarian, MakeUp in New York

Sandra Maguarian, MakeUp in New York

The exhibitors and organizers of the first edition of MakeUp in New York met last April 19th, to discover with a glass of champagne the Studio 450, a large loft on the 31st street where the event will take place on the 14th and 15th of September 2011. The future event aims at becoming the not-to-missed rendezvous of the whole make-up industry in North America.

Apparently, the future exhibitors expressed a real enthusiasm towards the opportunity of welcoming their customers in such a prestigious location in the heart of New York.

We have very good feedbacks from our future exhibitors,” said Sandra Maguarian, the show manager. “They consider the idea is excellent, and the buzz is spreading like wildfire. They say this kind of event, very much focused and exclusively dedicated to the make-up segment, was really what they were waiting for."

With more than twenty exhibitors, because there was no room to host more, originating from all the sectors of the make-up industry, including formulation, packaging, full service and accessories, MakeUp in New York will have fulfilled its first objective: filling the entire available space of the Studio 450.

Main reason for this strong support, according to the exhibitors, the concept of the event itself, based both on a complete offer on the idea of staging the exhibitors’ products. Taking cues from MakeUp in Paris, the New York event will host several make-up artists coming both from schools and from creative backgrounds of the sector so that these two days remain the reflection of an authentic make-up celebration in New York.

It must be said that the Studio 450 provides the ideal venue with its area of 500 m2 on two levels, and a terrace surrounding the last level on all sides, literally overlooking Manhattan,” concluded Sandra Maguarian.

MakeUp in New York, 
14th & 15th September, 2011, Studio 450 - 450 West 31st Street - New York