Nathalie Grosdidier

Premium Beauty News - Luxe Pack created this year the Innovation Forum. What is it all about?

Nathalie Grosdidier - For a long time we have always known that the show was a real springboard for innovative packaging. But we came to that conclusion, backed by figures from the last survey conducted among exhibitors: 62% of them save their new products to only launch them at Luxe Pack. This is a great finding that we had to put forward as much as possible. Hence this new forum which will bring together novel products and the opportunity for exhibitors to perform "flash" presentations.

Premium Beauty News - Sustainable development was already a strong point this year at Luxe Pack New York. It will also be the case at Luxe Pack Monaco 2010!

Nathalie Grosdidier - It is obvious that authorities and consumers are putting more and more pressure and environmental issues have become main subjects of concern for luxury brands. This is why we have put under the spotlight, at this 2010 edition, the responsibility of luxury companies and sustainable development.

Luxe Pack Monaco is the ideal platform to debate and inspire a new vision of the luxury sector and of environmental issues. We therefore also decided to put forward this question: "Luxury brands instigating eco-responsible behaviour?" Prominent personalities representing luxury brands will give their points of view and share their thoughts and experience.

This roundtable will be immediately followed by the presentation of the Luxe Pack in Green Award, in the presence of the members of the jury.

Premium Beauty News - You are singling out exhibitors’ eco-responsible solutions !

Nathalie Grosdidier - Yes, we support luxury brands in their quest for solutions integrating sustainable development criteria, by organizing the "Luxe Pack in Green Awards". The success of the event "Luxe Pack in Green", in 2009, has demonstrated the genuine interest of luxury brand owners looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of their products.

Luxe Pack Monaco is launching a new edition of this show and in parallel, this prize which will be awarded to exhibitors’ best innovation, comprising one or more of sustainable development criteria, according to a charter defining selection criteria.

The jury includes specialists in sustainable development among both, institutional players, luxury brands owners and media partners: Mr Michel Fontaine, President of the French packaging council; - Mr Alexandre Capelli, Sustainable Development Engineer, LVMH; Mrs Elizabeth Pastore-Reiss, Founding Director of the Ethicity sustainable development consulting firm; Mrs Catherine O’Meny Chief Editor and Founder of the website; Mr Stefano Lavorini Managing Director of the magazine Italia Imballaggio. They will award the Luxe Pack in Green 2010 trophy on Wednesday, Oct. 20, at 17:30.

The latter is an original creation of Alnoor Design, a design agency which will be attending the Luxe Pack Monaco show and who designed it specially for the event.

Premium Beauty News - Among other high points, we can also mention the work carried out by your "Observatoire des Tendances (Trends Observer)!

Nathalie Grosdidier - As you know, product launches of the year are decoded and analysed by members of the Observer. Signals, trend setting recurring details emerge from a structural movement: this is how major trends see the light. This work also relies on the analysis of social phenomena, the evolution of the individual and the transformation of its expectations. This identification of consumer expectations applied to packaging is a valuable basis to guide brand’s development.

Don’t forget that members of the Observer are experts in packaging, design, communication and sociology. It will have this year, among participants such people as Béatrice Mariotti, Vice-President of Carré Noir; Véronique Liabeuf, Managing Director, Enjoy Design; Jean-Paul Cornillou, Head of the Packaging Section Strate, College; Isabelle Musnik, Content and Editorial Manager, Influencia and Guillaume Bregeras, Chief Editor, Formes de Luxe; and Eloïse Cohen, Deputy Chief Editor, Formes de Luxe. All these experts will be present to give us an account of their findings concerning new design trends found during an interactive workshop.

Each trend will be presented by one of the experts and illustrated with new products in order to make their presentation even more pragmatic. Three trends were decrypted by our experts this year: Elixir, Malice, Comedia.