A full service specialist, the French company CLP Packaging, a subsidiary of the Verpack Group, offers a comprehensive and integrated solution for all types of packaging components: folding cardboard cases, set up boxes (semi/automatic and hand made), cardboard and plastic tubes (thermoformed blister holders, folding cases, sleeves, boxes, lids, tubes), conditioning.

Concerning the Dutch firm, Point to Paper it is certainly one of the major European manufacturers specialized in laser cutting.

As part of the next Luxe Pack trade show, CLP Packaging and Point to Paper presented the results of their research in the form of various laser cut packagings: cases, boxes, holder concealers, sample cards...

"By combining our expertise, explains Julie Foucart, Sales and Marketing Development Manager at CLP Packaging, Point to Paper and ourselves have managed to offer an extremely fine cutting for the enhancement of cardboard and plastic packagings. It was also necessary, given the extremely fine cuttings performed, to have a perfect mastery of the work carried out downstream on the folding and gluing of boxes."