In keeping with current major trends of today, beauty markets, exhibitors at MakeUp in LosAngeles and Luxe Pack Los Angeles pushed inventiveness to the highest level in order to showcase natural formulas as well as packaging solutions with a reduced environmental footprint.

As far as packaging is concerned, France-headquartered beauty packaging maker Albéa won the MakeUp in LosAngeles innovation award for SVR’s new Topialyse tube combining a 350 micron PE sleeve with their Ecofusion opening and closing system. The packaging solution reduces the overall use of fossil plastics by more than 50% compared to standard tubes. The packaging is made entirely of PE and is therefore ready to be recycled as part of the existing recycling streams for HDPE bottles.

For its part, the American manufacturer Anomatic showcased Evercycle , its recyclable cap made of 100% recycled aluminum (with a guaranteed minimum of 60% PCR). Designed in partnership with Novelis, the world leader in aluminum rolling and recycling, this solution can be anodized or metallized.

Hong Kong based Asquan unveiled a collection with a minimalist design for a complete skincare line featuring a 50ml airless pump, a 50ml jar and a 100ml dip tube bottle. Made primarily of PP, the line is styrene-free and has refillable units (50mL airless and 50mL jar). It is fully recyclable with some disassembly.

Designed to make recycling easier, Apollo+Beauty’s Double-R Dispensers make it easy to separate the spring from the plastic cylinder.

Baralan’s DEA Series (short for Developing the Evolution of Airless) is a selection of glass airless containers designed for several applications. Launched in 2022, DEA is the first airless system in which the filled product is directly in contact with its glass container. The DEA Series was developed through an innovative manufacturing process, which significantly reduces energy consumption and eliminates the need for lubricants.

Epopack highlighted their PET Droppers, PET airless bottles and PET Heavy wall jars, together with "100 Looks", a new inspiration tool for the customization of stock designs.

Selected among the finalists of MakeUp in LosAngeles Innovation Awards in the packaging category, HCT by KDC/ONE’s Fenty Skin Watch is a serum dropper with a flexible, recyclable polypropylene refill and a wrinkled effect at the tip that allows it to be compressed and drained without the addition of silicone or other soft material. A j-lock at the bottom of the outer bottle allows for easy attachment of the inner refill with one simple movement.

ICS (International Cosmetic Suppliers Ltd.) showcased a wide portfolio of mono material packaging solutions, including a new refillable roll on and metal free pumps. The packaging supplier also highlithed its recent collaboration with Eastman to offer color cosmetics and skincare packaging using Eastman Cristal Renew copolyester.

Alongside XPaper, their paper airless solution launched last year, Italy’s Lumson introduced their new Japa line of refillable jars and their new lightweight pouch airless pump APP Light.

Qualipac America (Groupe Pochet) highlighted Optimo Wiper, their patented dispensing solution for liquid or viscous lipstick, lip gloss, concealer, or serum formulas that consist in a specific wiper that protects the product from contamination, prevents waste and leaves the package, applicator and stick perfectly clean with each use.

Also, worth noting is the collection of eight double-ended applicators unveiled by Texen for a complete skincare and makeup routine. Named “Rainbow,” the collection is designed to simplify and shake up the skincare and makeup routine.

Made from industrial starch, Toly’s new Paperfoam Godet Holder features a hinge and closure that highlights the ability of the material to be molded into intricate details. Easy to compost and recycle, Paperfoam has an energy efficient and low carbon manufacturing process.

Verescence showed the fragrance bottles made for OUI Juicy Couture (Revlon). According to the French glassmaker, the lacquered flacons are the first-ever stackable fragrance bottles. They feature a deep push-up enabling them to be stacked. The bottle received the 2022 Package of the Year Award from the New Jersey Packaging Executive Club (NJPEC).

Eventually, Virospack showcased their new Duomix 2.0 Powder dropper dedicated to two-component formulas for extemporaneous application. According to the company, the new design renews allows an intuitive, easy and comfortable use.

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