XPaper is a pouch technology airless in which the outershell is in cardboard and therefore 100% recyclable.

Lumson’s paper airless isn’t only one of the most innovative airless designs on the market but it’s proven to be “the perfect combination of smart design, safety, and advanced functionality with a sustainable twist”.

XPaper’s distinctive character can be found, first off, in the material that the bottle is made of: cardboard, a material that is conceptually and intuitively sustainable. Up until now, it hadn’t been used much in the world of primary packaging because it was considered “cheap”, however today many things have changed and paper and cardboard have become materials to be regarded with interest, and for deluxe products as well.

XPaper is a testament to this. Thanks to sophisticated printing technologies and to the lamination with cellulose acetate which has a protective function and brings added value in terms of look and feel, the once “poor” cardboard material is transformed into a durable, sustainable, and sophisticated product that enhances both the container and its contents. All while respecting the environment.

The use of paper gives extreme lightness to the packaging and moreover the paper is easily decorated to make the packaging unique and give it a strong personality.

Distinctive elements for a lower environmental impact

There are many key elements that make XPaper, an environmentally friendly airless.

An LCA analysis with SPICE showed that the production of a 50 ml XPaper airless packaging, compared to a 50 ml PET airless packaging, produces the following benefits :

 41% reduction in CO2 emissions,
 the outershell weighs 50% less,
 47% reduction in plastic use.

Another key element is the possibility, once the product is finished, to easily separate the plastic components from the paper and recycle each part in the appropriate way.In addition the cardboard external autershell is realized with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) paper and coming from European sourcing

XPaper is available in 15,30 e 50 ml is an airless 100% made in Italy.