At the MakeUp in Los Angeles show (February 16-17, 2023), Texen has revealed a collection of eight dual-tip applicators for a complete skincare and makeup routine.

Named “Rainbow,” the collection is designed to simplify and shake up the skincare and makeup routine. Each product was chosen for its adaptability to multiple uses, zones of application and the various formula combinations it makes possible.

Apply, treat, outline, sculpt, discipline, blur, correct, soften… every functionality is covered and optimized by an ingenious dual-tip concept,” said Texen in a statement.

Texen’s Rainbow collection features eight dual-tip applicators:

Eye design with Double Eyes
At one end, a bevelled tip highlights the edge of the eyelid; at the other, a tip to correct and sharpen the line with a single gesture.

The art of brows with Double Brows
The pointed tip colours and defines the brow, while the brush softens and tames.

A game of contrasts with Double Crease
After applying the formula, the brush serves to reveal or soften contrast on the face. Perfect for concealer, highlighter, contouring and blush.

Quite some cheek with Double Cheeks
With this applicator, the solid formula appears with a twist, while the foam tip ensures perfect application. It can be use for contouring, blush and even foundation.

All-in-one: Double Star
The dual accord between solid formula and brush helps apply, blur and define, offering variations in intensity for brows, eyes, lips or face.

Whisper sweet nothings with Double Lips
A solid formula and a foam applicator go hand in hand for a multitude of makeup solutions associating all types of formulas…matt and creamy, coloured and nude, to shimmer or to fix…all in two applications.

Fix that foundation with Double Face
This accessory dispenses loose powder and fixes it in place with its foam tip. Bid farewell to jars and powder puffs!

A healthy glow thanks to Double Brush
At one end, a stainless steel ball preps the skin with a massage, activating microcirculation. The other serves to apply the formula and unify the complexion.