In keeping with current major beauty trends, exhibitors at MakeUp in LosAngeles pushed inventiveness to the highest level in order to showcase natural formulas as well as packaging solutions with a reduced environmental footprint.

New York headquartered Mana Products, for instance, presented an amazing lotion for sensitive skin offering SPF 50 and broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection with a formula composed only of non-nano mineral filters. Composed of 86% ingredients of natural origin, the formula called Skin Barrier Lotion SPF 50 can be used as a primer or as a moisturizing and soothing lotion. It transforms upon application into a powder that blends from transparent to clear with a matte finish without a white streaking or flaking.

Skin Barrier Lotion SPF 50 won the Innovation Award from MakeUp in LosAngeles in the formulation category.

Italy’s Chromavis Fareva introduced Inception, a powder made from a new thermosetting technology offering a solid-fluid consistency similar to the feel of porcelain when applied to the skin. Its formula is based on a blend of low melting point waxes.

Chromavis Fareva was also distinguished with Snowglobe, a lip product in stick format with a novel patented rigid structure that combines liquid and solid textures in a single transparent ball that can incorporate three different types of liquid core: a fluid hybrid core infused with water-soluble actives, a liquid gloss or an anhydrous liquid lipstick.

Snowglobe received the "Coup de Coeur" award from the MakeUp in LosAngeles Innovation Awards in the formulation category.

Focusing on naturalness, Pascual Cosmétiques (Anjac Health & Beauty Group) showcased a universal primer dubbed Skin Refiner with a 99.7% natural formula that blurs small imperfections and evens out skin tone. Its light, non- greasy texture melts on contact with the skin.

For its part, MS BeautiLab presented Skin Fusion, a "care veil" based on dermofusion a dermofusion technology that allows an optimal concentration of active ingredients and merges the advantages of anhydrous and aqueous cosmetics. The product is contained in a 100% biodegradable packaging. Under the effect of massage, the texture changes from solid to liquid to fuse with the skin.

Skin Fusion won the Innovation Award from MakeUp in LosAngeles in the Full Service category.

Honored with a "Coup de Coeur" award in the Full Service category, ITIT CosmeticsMakeUp Snacks come in the form of single dose products with different colors and for different types of use (eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, kohl, lip contours, lip balms, glosses, highlighters). According to the company, the format is ideal for air travel as well as for creating make-up testers at points of sale.