On the occasion of the in-cosmetic trade show, Seppic presented a new alternative to synthetic silicones as well as a concept suiting the growing trend of home-made products.

A new generation of emollients

The Emogreen HP40 ingredient is the first natural alternative to heavy silicones. 100% vegetable and biodegradable, its properties will find applications in haircare, skincare, make-up and suncare products, with the same sensory profile and performance as silicones commonly used in formulas (Polybutene, Dimethicone/Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane/Dimethiconol, synthetic film-formers...).

Particularly suitable for hair applications, it preserves keratin integrity despite thermal stress and protects the hair.

Cosmetic Mixology, a duo of cosmetic bases

In addition, in response to the growing popularity of "home-made" cosmetics, Seppic has come up with a "Blend it Yourself" concept based on a duo of minimalist "chassis" formulas to customise at home.

These two Cosmetic Mixology formulas, developed using Seppic ingredients, have different sensory characteristics: a cream emulsion and a solid pebble to rehydrate.

The stability and robustness of the emulsion base is provided by the emulsifier Montanov 202 and two polymers, Solagum AX and Sepimax Zen to enhance the formula’s resistance to electrolyte-rich actives. This minimalist formula also contains the emollient Emogreen L15 and Aquaxyl, an essential sugar-based moisturiser.

The solid pebble to rehydrate forms a fresh, light-touch gel cream composed of a pair of polymers Solagum Tara & Sepimax Zen. Three other ingredients were added, Emogreen L19, for sensory comfort, Sepifine BB, a texturizer and Aquaxyl.

These two bases were tested with ten active ingredients that can be found at home with different profiles in terms of viscosity, pH, presence of electrolytes, solubility. These include lemon juice for a radiance face mask, coffee grounds for a body scrub and pomegranate vinegar for an all-in-one hair care.