Nowadays, formulating innovatively has never been so difficult for formulators due to numerous constraints: more and more technically challenging ingredients, in need of surprising textures, formulation without microplastics, China compliance…

With SEPIMAX ZEN™, Seppic offers a polymer which helps you to rise to all these challenges!

Produced using a disruptive innovation patented by Seppic, SEPIMAX ZEN™ is a next-generation thickening, stabilizing and texturizing powder polymer.

Extreme resistance to electrolytes

SEPIMAX ZEN™ was designed to be your perfect ally for formulation of stress-inducing and difficult active ingredients. Its associative character and its elastic polymeric networks are the guarantee for the viscosity and the stability, which allow you to stay “ZEN” facing all the challenging ingredients.


Transparent aqueous gels, wide pH range even in acidic conditions, particle suspension, film-forming, anti-shock in pressed powders, foam texturizing…SEPIMAX ZEN™ provides a multitude of properties and high performance in different applications.

Sensorial & emotional benefits

SEPIMAX ZEN™ imparts a rich, velvety and elegant feel. Several studies realized on consumers from different geographical regions showed that it provides an innovative and surprising texture and activates positive emotions. A real “waoo” touch to your formulas!

Non-microplastic & biodegradable

SEPIMAX ZEN™ is non-microplastic [1] and is inherently ultimately biodegradable according to OECD 302B. It is expected to be totally degraded in sewage stations, without releasing to the environment or to the oceans. Thus, it helps you to design formulas compliant with “Conscious Beauty”.

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