After two tumultuous years, consumers are looking for well-being and a come back to the roots in their self-care rituals. Cosmetic brands take more and more inspiration from ancient beauty rituals and turn to minerals to take care of skin.

Minerals have been used for centuries. For example, copper was listed in recipes for skin remedies of ancient Egypt. As well as helping to ensure proper bone and organ formation, minerals are essential for skin health and beauty due to their protective, anti-inflammatory or anti-aging properties, etc.

Nowadays, minerals suggest a familiar strength and dependability, as well as their origin is often associated with the Earth, thus meeting the demand for efficient and clean products in wellness routines.

Therefore, minerals regain popularity in beauty. For example, Google searches for “zinc skin care” increased by 93% over the last year and for “copper skin care” increased by 55% in the past six months.

Often found in waters and muds, they are now powered by science, functionalized for different benefits, like peptides or salts.


By mastering responsible chemistry, Seppic offers SEPITONIC™ M3.0 (Magnesium Aspartate (and) Zinc Gluconate (and) Copper Gluconate), the mineral-based cell fuel. This multi-mineral complex results from the combination of essential minerals (magnesium, copper and zinc) to maintain the balance of the skin cells and of smart vegetal-based anions acting as biological mineral carriers, to offer a triple action on skin. It acts as a mineral-based cell fuel by improving the skin cell vitality. It has a chrono-energizing action by boosting cellular respiration, ATP production and cell renewal in 24 hours. It prevents glycation that starts early in the life of an individual impacting the quality of the skin over time. Finally, it protects the skin from indoor pollution and oxidative stress.

Thus, the immediate available skin oxygen is increased, skin texture is visibly improved and deep wrinkles are reduced.

This is how the alliance of old-times beauty practices and science brings a breath of efficacy into modern cosmetics.