Givaudan Active Beauty’s New Red 1805 [1] aims to offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic red pigments in make-up products, while creating new possibilities to answer the growing demand for a more natural and cleaner beauty.

A vegan high performance red pigment

Extracted from the Chinese red radish (Raphanus Sativus L.), whose roots are naturally rich in coloured metabolites named anthocyanins, New Red 1805 has been crafted for natural makeup designers and especially for lipsticks creators looking for high content of natural-origin ingredients without compromising performance on shade, intensity and stability.

Most of the existing colour formulae rely on synthetic pigments. Crafted by Green fractionation, New Red 1805 enables brands to bring a premium vegan, cruelty-free and performant innovation in the most iconic category of colour cosmetics: the red lipstick. With a 100% natural origin, it doesn’t interfere with performance,” said Yohan Rolland, Global Category Manager at Givaudan Active Beauty.

Indeed, according to Givaudan, New Red 1805 delivers a better chroma C and a better coverage (Contrast Ratio) in comparison to synthetic benchmark red pigment in products designed for lips.

Clean and healthy beauty trend

In recent years, several brands - such as All Tigers, Bo.Ho. Green or Le Rouge Français to name a few - have endeavoured to offer more natural make-up alternatives, in particular by avoiding synthetic pigments but also mineral raw materials (which might be complex to formulate and increase heavy metals contamination risks) and ingredients from animal origins (because they are deemed unethical).

To address a maximum of concerns, Givaudan Active Beauty has secured a partnership agreement with a cooperative of farmers in the Yunnan province, in China. New Red 1805 is therefore fully traceable, for increased quality and sustainability credentials.

In addition, according to Givaudan, New Red 1805 features antioxidant properties, protecting the fragile lip skin from free radicals. With such properties the ingredient is perfectly in line with the current quest for healthy and soothing beauty products.

Red lips beautifier

To illustrate the potential of the new pigment in beauty formulations, Givaudan Active Beauty has designed a luxurious red lips beautifier. Dubbed S3D® Désir, the product offers a “high covering and flamboyant satin texture.

Easy to formulate, New Red 1805 can be used alone in the formula or in association with other pigments. “Its intense natural red is wear-proof stable and offers the perfect shade on all ethnicities,” adds Givaudan.