Born from the will to preserve the sensorial properties of conventional lipsticks without giving up on the naturalness consumers want, Le Rouge Français was first known for their vegan formulas, made from 100% natural ingredients, including 95% certified organic ingredients, botanical pigments, and using rice wax rather than beeswax to fix pigments.

Today a collection of 15 lipstick shades, entirely made from botanical pigments, is available. “We strive to use local raw materials and suppliers. But in some cases we have to source exotic dye plants, so we take care to choose sustainable and labelled crops,” Élodie Carpentier tells Premium Beauty News.

A bio-sourced and refillable case

The brand is now taking a new step forward by offering a luxurious transparent and refillable case for its lipsticks. Entirely made in an exclusive design from bio-sourced castor oil, the case is fully recyclable. However, it is nevertheless intended for a series multiple reuses, thanks to the brand’s 15 botanical shades available in aluminium eco-refills that are easy to install and replace.

"A very simple mechanism makes it possible to remove the refill from the case and to insert another one with the desired colour before applying it. A single case can therefore be used to accommodate all Le Rouge Français lipstick shades,” explains the brand.

The refillable tube will retail for EUR 45 and the refill alone for EUR 26.

The primary pack (the case, the refill and the lipstick mechanism) was made by PVL Beauté and the secondary pack (printed folded paperboard) was made by MR Cartonnage Numérique.

Future launches

With the objective of becoming "the leader in botanical pigment in makeup", Le Rouge Français is already preparing several new launches (lip care balm, blush, mascara, eyeliner) and wants to accelerate its international development. For this purpose, the company has just raised one million euros, in addition to the take-over of a minority stake by the L’Occitane Group last year, and now has a dedicated sales area at 5 rue Rouget de Lille, in Paris.