Phyto Paris, the specialist hair care brand now part of the Impala group, has selected Cosmogen’s Squeeze’n Tint tube with applicator for its anti-frizz hair care.

As the iconic line of Cosmogen, Squeeze’n is characterized by its patented on / off rotating system and built-in applicator which allows to distribute and apply the formula, then to clean the brush-applicator thanks to the sealing system. Specially designed for Phyto care intended to hairs, the brush has a straight cut, and is made of rigid synthetic bristles to facilitate the application.

Phytodefrisant Anti-Frizz Touch-Up Care 50ml - Phyto Paris

Phytodefrisant Anti-Frizz Touch-Up Care 50ml - Phyto Paris

Technical features:

- Body: Squeeze’n tint 50 ml Ø30 mm coex;

- Offset decoration ; Cap: PP, transparent;

- Brush : synthetic rigid fibers, black.

The Squeeze’n revolution: the range has been completely redesigned to meet Cosmogen’s 5R objective, thanks to its removable, recyclable and / or refillable solutions. It also responds to the “safe contact” demand with its brushes made of antibacterial fibre.