Cosmetic application is a niche market, but the niche is endless,” says Priscille Caucé, CEO of Cosmogen.

Appointed at the head of the company last year ago, her mission was to boost the company growth by building up on innovation and CSR. As a first step, she set up an innovation department, bringing together marketing and engineers. Then, an innovation charter was implemented, requiring that 100% of Cosmogen’s innovations comply with at least one of the 5Rs: Reduce, Recycle, Renew, Refill, Reuse. "The goal is to quickly upgrade to two," says Priscille Caucé.

Plastic-bashing is not an option

The company has also started the relocation of its supply chain and production capabilities. “When customers require it, we can now produce in Brazil and Europe with several industrial partners,” explains the manager. As for Cosmogen’s production partners in Asia, they are ISO 14001 certified.

Similarly to all other companies in the industry, Cosmogen is also exploring the most sustainable material solutions. "However, we’re not at all bashing the use of plastic", insists Priscille Caucé. The company’s priority is to promote alternative solutions, in particular recycled materials, allowing to move forward on the path to sustainability while meeting the expectations of brands and customers. To that end, Cosmogen has successfully secured its PCR supplies.

An airless pump bottle with a reusable brush

With eco-responsibility in mind, Cosmogen therefore adapted its main ranges of tubes and bottles with removable and reusable applicators.

With Tint’N Reuse the company thus allows to keep the brush and to replace only the airless pump bottle, once empty. The formula is directly dispensed on the drop-shaped kabuki brush, then applied onto the face, before cleaning the brush after use.

A series of 3R tubes

Launched last year for Tense tubes, the renewable applicator solution is now also deployed on the tubes of the company’s iconic Squeeze’N range, which has been illustrative of Cosmogen’s know-how in terms of innovative applicators for several years.

The applicators are all removable, so they can be stored and reassembled on refills. This required the development of a specific refill tube," explains Justine Rechenmann, Product Manager at Cosmogen.

Consequently renamed Squeeze’N Refill, the range, which is renowned for its patented On / Off closure system, now allows to keep the applicator - the true added value of the product - to recycle the empty tube and to replace it with a refill that consumes less material.

The technology should soon be extended to the Needle Tube, a pack inspired by cosmetic surgery for ultra-precise application, whose ultra-thin aluminum cannula will also become removable.

Depending on the formulas and the needs of the customers, the tubes can made in coex or single materials. Recycled materials can also be used,” explains Maud Lelièvre, Marketing Director at Cosmogen.

With their removable applicators, Cosmogen’s range now fully take part of the 3R trend: Reuse, Recycle, Reduce.