Cosmogen now offers a new set of five vegan and “safe contact” brushes dedicated to skincare application.

The set provides a global hygienic solution for skincare application. The brushes’ specific shapes have been designed to maximize the benefits of formulas while enabling “safe contact” application.

Pursuant to Cosmogen’s CSR approach, the tips are made of vegan and long-lasting-materials such as synthetic fibres and silicone. The customizable handles are made of wood from sustainably managed forest.

These new brushes are intended to eye and lip contour, and to apply masks, cleansing products, serums and creams as well as spot and anti-pigmentation treatments.

This launch complements recent Cosmogen innovations designed to meet consumer needs regarding safety. According to the French-based supplier, “safe contact” becomes a key parameter for cosmetics applicators and packaging, alongside protection of the formula and wellness, while being designed from an eco-friendly approach. Today, 100% of Cosmogen’s innovations comply with at least one of the 5Rs: Reduce, Recycle, Renew, Refill, Reuse. This results in particular in packs and applicators which can be dismantled, recycled and / or refillable. Furthermore, Cosmogen has developed internal software for the life cycle analysis of its products.