Surlyn 3D, still ahead

The Luxe Pack show in Monaco was an opportunity for DuPont to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Surlyn, its featured polymer.

This year, DuPont has extended the capabilities of its overmoulding technology, Surlyn 3D, (the 3 Ds standing for Design, Decoration and Depth) to provide greater freedom to the designers of inner and outer perfume containers or packaging of cosmetics products and body care products.

People at DuPont explain that "In addition to new shapes and colors, new material combinations are possible to improve barrier properties and chemical resistance according to ingredients and application. This will allow customers to create packaging providing glass-like transparency, luxury decorative effects and increased consumer safety and convenience that simultaneously reflect brand identity and achieve product differentiation".

Among the many examples of implementation of Surlyn showcased at the DuPont stand: the very airy line of the new Kenzo Amour designed by Texen. Starting out clear from the bottom of the bottle, the white lacquer gradually becomes thicker towards the top of the bottle, where it reaches maximum opacity. In contrast, the cap, which is opaque at its base, becomes increasingly translucent until it is totally clear at the top.

New ecological resin

In other material, and among the leading products using DuPont products, the new standard mascara packaging line from German manufacturer, Oekametall which uses DuPont Biomax PTT1100 (PolyTrimethylTerephthalate), a new bio-material. It is a polyester-type resin with a renewably-sourced content and performance similar to polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

"With a very glossy surface explain managers at DuPont, this product offers excellent resistance to common formulations for cosmetic products".