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Everything organic!

Shall organic cosmetic products dominate the beauty sector soon? For a majority of participants in the information breakfast the Cosmetic Excutive Women France organised in Paris yesterday, the answer was “yes”!

During the latest three years, organic cosmetic products have scored an impressive growth rate, around 150-200%. In most beauty shops and parlours, organic cosmetics are now part of the standard offer. The packaging sector does not lag behind the natural trend. Eco-friendly technical solutions are available and producers increasingly use them. The main suppliers of the cosmetics industry agreed on this fact: in the future, all packaging developments will require at least two processes: eco-design and weight reduction.

However, the dramatic growth of organic cosmetics started from a reference level that was close to zero. In absolute figures, the trend is less impressive. That’s what Laurence Paganini, Executive Director in France of the chain retailer Marionnaud, demonstrated. In average, among 30 skincare products sold every day by each store of the chain, only 1.5 would be organic. It is true that 43% of the chain’s customers say they are ready to buy these products. It is true also that women buying organic cosmetics are usually older than 30, are used to buy prestigious brands and are loyal and frequent customers. Nevertheless, figures show that sales are quite low.

So, what is the organic trend in the cosmetics industry? A real grassroots shift rising from consumers’ demand, or a new market that producers are creating from nothing and will help to grow through mass communication and clever marketing? Both explanations are not compatible. “Organic products will become a real standard on the market,” insisted one of the participants… To be continued.


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