Announced on the first day of the show – which was held on April 05-07 in Paris - the awards are a celebration of the newest personal care ingredient innovations.

Ingredient businesses large and small came forward in huge numbers for this year’s awards, with a record-breaking 180 entries across four categories.

Innovation Zone: Active Ingredient Award

Scooping the Gold award for the Innovation Zone: Active Ingredient Award was IFF - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics for its Wastar Pink Berry. The ingredient is designed as an upcycled botanical extract rich in biflavonoids to soothe irritated scalps. By valorising pink berry by-products left after the extraction of IFF fragrance compounds, Wastar Pink Berry perfectly answers the upcycling trend as it combines sustainable sourcing in Madagascar and a strong efficacy while limiting its manufacturing impact on the environment.

Taking the Silver Award, DSM Nutritional Products Europe was recognised for its Vitamin B12 cryst, while Gattefossé took Bronze for its “new guardian of DNA”, Solastemis.

Innovation Zone: Functional Ingredient Award

In the Innovation Zone: Functional Ingredient Award, Lubrizol Life Science celebrated the Gold win for its PemuPur START polymer. A natural-derived polymeric emulsifier providing stabilization capabilities at low use level while offering a fresh and quick break sensory. Meanwhile, CFF GmbH & Co KG scooped the Silver award for its Sensocel natural and environmentally friendly raw material, and Ashland took the Bronze accolade for its natrathix bio cellulose – a nature-derived biodegradable rheology modifier.

Green Ingredient Award

In partnership with Ecovia Intelligence, this award recognises ingredients that make a proven significant environmental or social difference in the area of sustainability. Taking the 2022 title was Nafigate Corporation for its Biopolymer Hydal PHA - polyhydroxybutyrate, an upcycling ingredient and biopolymer. Based on green chemistry and zero-waste manufacturing, the new functional ingredient is biocompatible, non-toxic and fully biodegradable. It forms the basis for new formulations as a polymeric matrix.

Also recognised in the Green Ingredient category, Mibelle Biochemistry took the Silver award for its MelanoGray anti-hair greying essence that is sustainably obtained by upcycling the peel paste from unique organic Chios mandarins. Lipoid Kosmetik AG scooped the Bronze award for its PhytoCollagen - an all-natural, COSMOS-certified, plant-based alternative to animal collagen with similar cosmetic benefits.

Rising Star Award

The final award of the day, which recognises first- and second-year exhibitors, saw Tagra Biotechnologies scoop the Rising Star Award.

For more information on the latest innovations related to beauty ingredients, read our special issue : Cosmetic Ingredients - April 2022.

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