Roziani Zulkifli, in-cosmetics Global

Premium Beauty News - What are the prospects for this first in-person European event since 2019?

Roziani Zulkifli - Indeed, after a long-anticipated wait, in-cosmetics Global is returning to the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from 5-7 April, offering the industry the chance to reconnect in person. Since the last face-to-face show in 2019, hundreds of R&D professionals from all around the globe have expressed their excitement to finally return to the show floor, ready to reveal the latest innovations and developments in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

With that in mind, we are expecting more than 650 exhibitors at this year’s event. With the pandemic still preventing travel restrictions, footfall will inevitably be less than in previous years, however, we still stand in good stead in terms of expected visitors. We are anticipating more than 7,000 visitors to the show, of which 75% are from Europe.

Premium Beauty News - What will be the main highlights of the show?

Roziani Zulkifli - After what has been a challenging time throughout the pandemic, I am certain that the dominating factor shared amongst all of the exhibitors and visitors attending will be the excitement of reconnecting and reuniting face-to-face at a physical event.

Equally, as one of the most popular and vibrant areas of in-cosmetics, another highlight of the show will be the Innovation Zone which is set to showcase the latest raw materials ready to hit the market. The Sustainability Corner is always a show favourite, offering an interactive space for this year’s stimulating educational programme to take place, featuring the latest advancements in sustainable personal care.

The R&D Tour is also something formulators can look forward to year-on-year, especially with the 2022 edition honing in on topical areas such as natural products, skin protection and personal care, all of which are good for the body and mind.

Premium Beauty News - What trends do you anticipate to be showcased on the show floor?

Roziani Zulkifli - In terms of trends, we can see that sustainability, naturals and anti-ageing will be high on the agenda for everyone at this year’s show. Within sustainability and naturals, microbiome and biotech will be the main focus, meanwhile, for those interested in anti-ageing trends, we can expect to see an emphasis on cellular repair.

UV and blue light protection are also an area of focus this year. As more and more people are increasingly spending considerable amounts of time in the digital world, therefore exposing themselves to HEV light (High-Energy Visible Light) that is damaging for the skin, it is not surprising that blue light protection continues to be a topic of interest. Anne Schrötter will be leading a Technical Seminar on blue light, demonstrating how natural bioactives meet the latest consumer needs and market trends when it comes to skin barrier repair and global protection.

Premium Beauty News - You announced a hybrid event. Can you describe how the virtual event will be articulated with the physical one?

Roziani Zulkifli - After listening to feedback from attendees at online in-cosmetic events throughout the pandemic, we are very excited to extend the in-person event by offering attendees the chance to continue conversations via a new hybrid approach post-show. Our exhibitors and visitors will be presented with further opportunities to network, giving them the best of both worlds.

Our new, online platform will be open from 11-22 April where it will be available for both exhibitors and visitors to arrange virtual meetings, as well as being able to access a comprehensive range of on-demand and live content to continue their show journey.

The platform will not only provide access to those who cannot attend due to travel restrictions, but it also allows a wider audience to participate and benefit from the networking opportunities that in-cosmetics has always offered to our in-person attendees.

Planning and using all of the show’s resources to their full extent is key. The online connections are not just limited to our visitors and the exhibitors they’ve discovered online. It can also be used to continue those conversations started in Paris or to follow up with leads that exhibitors have collected from the smart readers and apps used at the show.

Premium Beauty News - Will all exhibitors participate in both events (in person and digital)?

Roziani Zulkifli - Absolutely. All of our main stand-holders will be participating both in-person and online, and we are also expecting those exhibitors who are experiencing continued government travel restrictions to be joining us on the virtual platform, providing everyone with an equal chance to connect, inspire and learn.

Either way, our emphasis for this year’s in-cosmetics Global is firmly set on ensuring everyone has a safe and secure environment to conduct business. This includes three exciting days of busy, in-person networking, and for the first time in the show’s history, a follow-up virtual event that is designed to maximise every opportunity to collaborate and learn. That is why we’re very much looking forward to welcoming our exhibitors, attendees and speakers, both in-person and online next month at in-cosmetics Global 2022.

Registration is now open. Visit the in-cosmetics Global 2022 website for more information and to reserve your place today: