MakeUp in NewYork’s Innovation & Trends (IT) Awards are open free of charge to all exhibitors at the show. They are allowed to submit up to three skincare and makeup innovations. This year, 22 new skincare and makeup products and packaging, among more than 100 products in the competition, were nominated to participate to the second step. Eventually, the jury [1] awarded four innovations and a “jury’s favorite”, in the following categories: Accessory, Formulation, Full Service and Packaging.

Accessory IT Award

The IT Award in the “Accessories” category was attributed to “The Ocean Brush” by Raphaël Make-Up Brushes: the handle is made of 50% shell and 50% bioplastic derived from the castor plant, and the head is made of 65% recycled fiber from PET bottle waste and 35% raw fiber.

Formulation IT Award

In the “Formulation” category, the award went to OPAC for their Beauty Pills, based on a “Fast Disgregation System" formulation technology (patent pending), which makes it possible to obtain a 0.14 g solid tablet that, when in contact with water or a serum, transforms into a 2.2 ml cream-gel with a light and velvety texture. This technology, which is fully customizable in terms of active ingredients and performance, introduces whole new prospects in the beauty industry which is precisely seeking innovative and sustainable dosage forms.

In the same category, Regi’s Cherry Smack was voted “Jury’s favorite”. The innovation consists in an emulsion transformed into a lipstick in stick form, which retains all the benefits of a cream or serum, and provides a lasting sensation of freshness. Its formula, based on organic cherry extract (48%), glycerin and phytosterols, benefits from a process that allows the use of a very low pigment load (3%) while obtaining a high coverage.

Full Service IT Award

The Full Service IT Award went to R&D Color for their A316 Royal Balm, a lip balm in a stick pen made of bio-based materials with a sensory formula that glides on the lips while providing a pulpy effect. Although completely transparent, its texture gives a unique pinkish tint to the lips that varies according to the skin’s pH.

Packaging IT Award

In the “Packaging” category, the jury awarded Taesung for their 100% PP Mono Material Airless.

This 100% Polypopropylene mono airless has passed the leakage test with the same standard as a normal airless, i.e. 600 mmHg for 10 minutes. With a minimalist design, it also distinguishes itself from existing mono airless by its 0.5cc dosage, ideal for creamy cosmetic formulas.

The next edition of MakeUp in NewYork will be held on September 21 and 21, 2023.