Cap, actuator, pump engine, collar, gasket, bottle, piston, base: the new mono-material airless bottle from Taesung Industry is entirely made of polypropylene (PP), an easily recyclable thermoplastic.

All the components of this innovative solution are made of PP only. There is no blending with any other material such as PE or elastomer. The bottle can therefore be recycled more easily and is certainly one of the most advanced plastic packaging for sustainability,” highlights Taesung.

Beyond sustainability, Taesung also too care of several key characteristics that make the new standard airless bottle a world-first in the industry, including:

 0.5cm3 dosage;
 airtightness, with a packaging that passed the vacuum leakage test (600 mmHG / 10 min).

Furthermore, the new mono material airless is already available in several sizes: 120ml, 100ml, 70ml, 50ml and 30ml.