Olivier Salaun, CEO of MS BeautiLab, appoints Shannaz Schopfer General Manager, North America. This announcement marks the continued implementation of the company’s Pulse 2025 strategy through international expansion by introducing MS BeautiLab’s next-generation global services to the North American market.

Schopfer brings two decades of experience in manufacturing, strategic planning, and innovation to the company. Says Salaun, “Shannaz will lead our North American initiatives, offering our complete suite of vertically integrated capabilities, including customized development for individual clients.

To support these initiatives, Schopfer named Maria Barbieri as Senior Vice President of Sales. During her 20-year career, Barbieri has managed packaging, product, operations, supply chain, and sales, and she has worked extensively with leading beauty companies, including Intercos and Estée Lauder.

Specializing in skincare, color, and powders, MS BeautiLab provides global, end-to-end brand solutions with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and European quality. As the beauty division of the Swiss Marvinpac Group, they are uniquely positioned to provide integrated offerings that include the development and production of formulas and packaging as well as a comprehensive marketing proposition for both product and pack design.

Generating over $100 MM in annual revenue, the company has a current production capacity of more than 6000 tons and a total global footprint of 500,000 square feet with production facilities and R&D laboratories located in France, Switzerland, Italy, and the Czech Republic.

In 2022, MS BeautiLab will launch an R&D lab in Los Angeles, and Schopfer will soon expand hiring to support business development and operations in the US.

Company Contact:
Shannaz Schopfer
General Manager - MS BeautiLab, North America