The 50 ml format of the Loubiworld Eau de Parfum collection adopts a sober oriental-style zamac cap, designed and manufactured by TNT Group, as well as the aluminum pump cover.

Depending on the references, three finishing processes were used for the zamak cap: nickel galvanizing, rose gold coating, orange gold coating and UV varnish for the three references in the Middle East collection.

The aluminum pump cover, identical for all references, adapts to the different cover finishes using a silver, rose gold and orange gold anodizing process respectively.

Finally, a red PP insert, assembled by clipping, ensures an imperceptible and delicate closure.

The Maison Louboutin Beauty, a Puig group company, has once again entrusted TNT Group, which had already produced the jewel-like caps for the Loubiworld collection, with an unrivaled level of details. Expert in zamak, TNT Group also has an expertise in the transformation of aluminum, which is complementary and allows the creation of luxurious packaging. Both zamak and aluminium enter circular economy,” says the company in a statement.