For the Loubiworld collection, by Louboutin, TNT Global Manufacturing met a new technical and aesthetic challenge to produce the fairy collar and caps for collection.

TNT Global Manufacturing has materialized the brand’s creative design through the collar, made of two pieces - an aluminium stovepipe and a brass plate, respectively nickel-anodized and nickel-galvanized - and hidden by the 100% recyclable injected zamak cap, once assembled. Each head is embellished with red details in epoxy or plastic.

Seven patterns bring this fairy collection to life :

- Loubifunk: Pineapple composed of four zamak pieces including two with epoxy inlay inside the top leaves.
- Loubidoo: Cat made of five zamak pieces. Epoxy ears and red plastic lipstick.
- Loubikiss: Mexican style head made of two zamak pieces, with lips covered with a thin layer of epoxy.
- Loubirouge: Iconic Louboutin stiletto, with heel on Paris, overlooking the globe, made of three zamak pieces, and sole covered with a thin layer of epoxy, requiring excellent know-how given the complexity of the surface to be covered.
- Loubiraj: Indian tiger made of three zamak pieces and a red plastic jewel on the side of the top.
- Loubicrown: Crown made of two zamak pieces and four "precious" stones in red plastic.
- Loubicroc: Egyptian crocodile wrapping an obelisk, made of three zamak pieces, with epoxy-coated claws on each leg.

These caps are the result of extensive study and expertise, specially in unmolding process. They respect the details of the design while limiting the number of zamak parts, like the body of the crocodile, which is made in one piece. It was a great project that also challenged the team for the assembly and polishing processes. Finally, each cap is finished with a common red insert, made of PP tinted in the mass,” says TNT in a statement.

TNT Global Manufacturing designs, develops and manufactures high quality metal - zamak, aluminium, brass, stainless steel - and plastic components for the perfume, cosmetics and makeup industry, such as: caps, shells, decorative plates, luxury boxes and cosmetic applicators’ components.

Since its creation in 2013 by Thomas Diezinger and Toby Cattermole, the company specializing in the transformation of zamak has listed more than 20 references, that were produced at more than a million pieces, each.