TNT Group, a company specializing in the creation of premium primary and secondary packaging for luxury cosmetic products and fragrances, participated in the launch of the new Skin Activator Rollerball by Westman Atelier, a clean beauty brand founded by makeup artist Gucci Westman.

In line with the luxury aesthetics of the brand, the product’s package enhances the application of the formula thanks to its removable gold ball applicator coupled with a refillable and reusable device.

TNT’s patented removable stainless-steel ball is held by magnetization. It offers unlimited fluid movement, as well as a cold effect contact surface that is increased by 300% compared to a classic roll-on applicator.

Thanks to an integrated pump system, a simple press on the refill is enough to deliver the formula without risk of air return or contamination. After use, the removable ball of the applicator can be completely cleaned or placed in the freezer for added benefit. Replacing the refill is easy with the key provided, also produced by TNT Group.

After seeing the concept of the removable rollerball I was immediately inspired and designed a refillable skincare system in our unique brand aesthetic incorporating this patented rollerball,” said Angela Piner, Chief Design Officer at Westman Atelier.

The Skin Activator Rollerball includes two 20ml serum refill bottles, one of which comes pre-loaded into the device. The refill bottles are made of tubular glass, custom tactile matte paint finishing then screen printed. A threaded neck was favored to ensure the refill ability and recyclability of the parts once dismantled.

"It is with great pride for TNT Group to have worked alongside Westman Atelier, a prestigious brand that is particularly demanding on the quality and authenticity of the skincare and makeup products it develops," added Boris Schaefer, VP Sales at TNT Group USA.