For this new development, Texen relied on the advantages of a new material, Mucell, and on the expertise of make-up designer Michel Limongi.

An alternative to flocking

Thanks to Mucell technology, the applicators in the Beautifull Lips collection offer a unique sensorial experience with their smooth, lightweight feel born from the production process. Without flocking or glue and non-porous, the applicators offer major advantages in terms of both compatibility and hygiene. The use of this micro-injected thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) makes it possible to better control the raw material (and therefore the possible interactions with the formula) and to create applicators that are as flexible as desired.

Texen's Beautyfull Lips collection

Texen’s Beautyfull Lips collection

Each shape picks up the perfect dosage of formula as well as guaranteeing ease of application. This technology has been developed on an industrial scale at the Texen Mayet site, which centralizes the group’s lip gloss and mascara expertise,” explains Texen in a statement.

Various consumer needs

The flexibility of Mucell allows Texen to offer a range of five applicators designed to target a specific result that is adapted to a given type of formula.

Developed by Texen Beauty Partners, the pack has a short, wide stem to allow application as close to the lips as possible. A specific wiper and a tapered bottle complete the pack.

The applicators of the Beautifull Lips range thus allow brands to develop solutions adapted to new formulas and gestures:

- The Donut applicator features lateral cavities that capture the formula. The cavities can imprison a dense gloss texture to create a full, luminous effect on the lips. The Donut was selected on the Innovation Tree of the latest MakeUp in Paris trade show.

- The Seashape applicator, with its asymmetric form, creates a professional makeup result with highly pigmented matte formulas. Its pointed tip is dedicated to precision while the concave part allows the user to fill the lips with color and its rounded back serves for finishing.

- The Russian Doll applicator combines three benefits, subtly allowing a dégradé effect, a precise gesture and light effects when combined with a metallic formula.

- The shape of the Facet applicator is designed for exfoliating formulas. The combination of texturizing cavities and a rigid applicator allows optimized results.

- The specific curved shape of the Spatula provides sensuous nourishment, delivering a sufficient dose of hydrating formula to completely cover the lips.